A small Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU) is installed in the vehicle, when wired up, it transmits digital signals using GPS and GSM based technology. Each time you send a query to the device, the transmitted co ordinates gets looked up on the map and you can tell the exact location of your vehicle.
You can monitor your vehicle and see their location on your phone or computer. Our services are aimed at reducing the severity and variability of losses. We are not just selling security; we sell and deliver safety through skilled and highly trained personnel and a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise and experience has been built on solid foundations through years of innovation, evolution, research and responsiveness.

Our tracking solutions can be deployed in the following areas:

  • Asset tracking
    This shows the flexibility in our tracking system, not only vehicles alone are protected with it. Generators used for emergency powering in unprotected, remote locations are secured with it. For example, generators for mobile phone operator, base stations, and construction companies’ generators, individual generator and the likes are prone to theft.


Our system offers the possibility to a figure the unit to use a sensor which recognizes if the generator door is opened, this prevents both theft and damage to any part of the generator. Just openings the door has been touched or opened, alerts are sent if the generator moves from the location, this is one of the many innovational ways that our system can be used, there are already hundreds of different applications where clients are trusting or system ways of usage range from personal safety to protecting high-value cargo containers and everything between.

  • Boat/yacht tracking:
    This allows you to always know where your boat, yacht or vessels are, and it has unique features that will notify you instantly of your boat is used unauthorized while you are away, speed, trips, zone crossing and other automated reports. Location information with local GPS powered landmarks made for marine use for understandable location and fund. With this system owner of boats, yacht and the likes can add own user locations e.g. waypoints, fishing spots etc. This system also automatically sends alerts to owners in case water leaks, it notifies the user when the water level rises.


With our tracking system installed on your powered bike, you can be rest assured of locating, securing and getting useful trip information of where your bike have been to and where they are at a point in time.
This is a special system designed for bike users for 100% protection against theft. This system has inbuilt motion stand system that alerts the user of events like, motion detections, ignition sensing, towing and lots more. This comes with use of local landmarks for easy understandable