• Reduced accident risk due to limitation of the maximum vehicle speed
  • Decreased environmental pollution due to minimized pollutant emissions
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce wear
  • Longer vehicle lifetime
  • Eliminating of fines for speeding
  • When installed on a vehicle, it limits the top speed of that vehicle say 80 or 65 kilometers per hour, no matter how much the vehicle is throttled it will never exceed these limits.
  • Every installation carries a warranty of 50,000 km or one year.
  • It reduces fuel consumption by driving at an economically efficient speed.
  • Our speed limiters can be installed in virtually all kinds of vehicles and trucks.
  • Vehicles last longer with lower fuel consumption due to reduced speed and reduction in harmful emissions.
  • Compatible with most if not all GPRS car trackers available in the Nigerian market.
  • Tamperproof alert if any circuit of the limiter is bridged
  • Lower travel risk for all motorists
  • Online monitoring platform
  • SMS control support
  • GPS/GPRS technology
  • Enforcement, education, and training are the traditional and most widely used strategies for speed management, it is far more effective to control drivers speed simply.
  • Helps drivers approach bends and roundabouts with better control of the vehicle.
  • Enhances longer tire life.
  • Fatigued drivers can easily bring a vehicle under control before causing damage to other road users.
  • It reduces insurance rates
  • It helps reduce maintenance cost incurred by vehicles
  • It gives your establishment a positive corporate image
  • Reduces speed violations by drivers


Excessive speed in driving heavy vehicles has been a social and government issue around the world for many years, primarily from the perspective of road safety. Excessive speed in trucks has numerous consequences including:

  • High rates of accidents involving fatalities and serious injuries
  • Increased operating and maintenance cost for the transport industry
  • Increased costs for insurance companies
  • Greater environmental pollution

One effective solution to prevent speeding in commercial/corporate vehicles is to equip them with a road speed limiter system, which restricts maximum road speed to the required speed limit without loss of engine power. This is realized by limiting the required fuel demand according to a set speed limit.
Information about the current speed of the vehicle is measured with a speed sensor that supplies an electronic speed signal to the control unit. The control unit limits the fuel output in different ways, depending on the fuel injection technology of the engine. In addition to its main function, limiting the maximum speed, the system offers a variable speed limiter as an option. The driver can activate this feature below the maximum speed limit in areas with lower speed limits.
Furthermore, the speed limiter includes additional speed limit inputs to pre-program smaller speed limits than the maximum­ speed. This functionality can be used to prevent fast driving if any special function in the vehicle is activated (like open doors on a city bus or people on the platform in the back of a garbage truck).