• This system monitors and ensures the duty performance of your Security Guards. At the same time it compels your security Guards to inspect at regular intervals (Night or Day) certain places (Marked by “wall Terminals”) or an area, a compound and /or a building (inside or outside), which are sensitive in respect of security.
  • It is sheer waste engaging a legion of security of staff without effective
    device of ensuring they are on their toes. This clock device is a full proof of monitoring to ensure they do not retire to their kiosks/cubicles as soon as the office closes the day’s business or nightfall’s.
  • Most importantly is its unique On-Line monitoring, control and programming of security personnel as well as incidental occurrences.



  • Provides Proactive Solution to mitigate losses.
  • It has the capacity to record detailed Minutes-by-Minute movement of security staff for upwards of 24 hours.
  • Timely detection of smoke in case(s) of Fire-outbreak as a result of regular patrol enforced by the use of the device.
  • It complements duty offices’ Supervisory duties in ensuring duty details in performing their rounds effectively.
  • Effective in totally checkmating trends of Pilfering and Tampering.
  • It helps to narrow the arc of search of Investigations where there is security breach.
  • Prompt exposure of all sorts of Fidgeting and Strange movements in premises.
  • Timely detection of Security Breaches that could otherwise have gone undetected for longer periods.
  • Highly effective in exposing Unresourceful and indolent security staff.
  • It allows staffs to recognize indicators or Pre-attack Surveillance there by expanding their defensive capabilities.
  • High Value of Money.