Welcome to Secureteck Limited

Established in the year 2007, Secureteck Limited brand is about: security, trust, innovation and professionalism. We have evolved over the years to be a household name in technology solution development in Nigeria. We treat the needs of our client as important as our business. Our dedicated professional team provide tailored solutions to individual clients according to their needs. Customer satisfaction is our key focus as we identify that this is critical to the relationship we always try to build with both old and new clients. Our clients trust us with their: business, competitive edge, reputation and safety.

Our Services:

  • Vehicle Tracking Solution Development
  • Fleet Management Solution Development
  • Bio-Metric Solutions

  • Time Attendance
  • Access Control Management
  • 3D Face Recognition System

  • 3D Walk Through access control/Time Attendance System
  • Bio-metric Recognition Solutions
  • CCTV Surveillance System Installation

  • Electric Fencing Installation
  • Burglary/Fire Alarm system solution
  • Security Device Sales & Installation

Our core values is in the basic respect of individuality, ethnical practices in business and personnel practices. Our client are number one on our priority list every seconds of the day. Here "Clients are Kings" as we always reinvent ourselves to meet customers needs.

Our vision is to contribute to the society by upholding traditional excellence in proactive services through dedicated highly-skilled, highly trained, diverse, partner oriented team and workforce that employ cutting technology and promotes professionalism in personal security, asset security, hone security and their like.

Our fundamental mission, is to provide services that protects and enhance peace of mind for our customers in a manner that is consistent with the highest ideals within our industry and to take advantage of those scientific advancements which will help us succeed in that endeavor. Our mission also is to offer excellence in provision of efficient, customer driven and reliable. Security solutions designed to protect our clients against the risk of loss of life and property.